Tuesday, July 18, 2017

For the Greater Good

I don't have a viable force for Fate of Konor, and I'm a bit timid about wading into 8th, so I did the most logical thing and started a new army. Kidding aside, the only way to score victory points by building certain units would mean buying Space Marine units I already owned. So by starting a Tau army I can avoid redundancy. I've liked the Tau for awhile now, so I'm really excited about diving in. I'm a little behind the 8 ball in terms of time. Fate of Konor kicks off in just two weeks, and my job is about to pick up again so I will be very busy in the near future.

My goal is to try and build this entire Start Collecting box in 14 days. Tall order, but I'm going to try for it. The Tau starter box is insanely good value, legal theft basically.

It's been a little over 24 hours since I purchased/opened the box, and I just managed to finish assembling the Fire Warrior Strike Team.

A few little pieces slowed me down, like the antennas on the helmets, but I did find the arms to be easier to line up than Space Marines. Tomorrow I hope to get the models primed, based, and washed. I am going to prime with Krylon gray, followed by a basing of Zandri Dust spray, which should save a bunch of time, and then do the dark brown parts with Rhinox Hide. Agrax Earthshade wash will be next before I clean up the model with Tau Light Ochre. Highlights will be with Ungor Flesh.

I am loosely following the paint scheme from this video, but switching out XV-88 with Xandri Dust. I am also not going to layer as much as he does. Should be similar though, perhaps being a bit brighter.