Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday Project: Black Templar Terminator

Taking a break from Calth for a few hours, I completed a test mini for a joint project my brother and I will be working on soon. I had some termies sitting around from the Deathstorm box that didn't fit into any of my armies, so I thought I would paint one of them up. I went with a Black Templar because the paint scheme is relatively simple. Having finished the mini now, painting a simple paint scheme was enjoyable, but the model was still a lot of fun to paint.

I started by assembling the entire model since none of the arms and weapons really got in the way of painting the chest. I've never painted a fully assembled many before but I may start. This mini was so much easier to do because I didn't have to find hold arms and weapons with sticky-tac and paint everything piecemeal, but I could do all the steps at once.

I "primed" the model Chaos Black and of course left it that color since I'm doing a Black Templar.  In some ways this is the same process as my Calth Ultramarines because I spray paint the minis and leave them.

Once this guy was primed I went straight into detail work. First I did the highlighting in Dawnstone Grey, which there was a lot, but the big termie panels made highlighting easier. After awhile this process got a bit tiring because of all the highlighting there was to do.

I next painted the right shoulder pad and the purity seal in Dawnstone Grey as well since those spots would be white. Yes, the dreaded white. But I needed to build up the color first.

The Crux Terminatus also got a coat of grey.

The aquilla and all metal areas I did in Leadbelcher before washing in Nuln Oil. I originally planned to highlight those spots with Ironbreaker, but I liked the way it looked without the brighter highlight so I left them.

I painted the shoulder pad and purity seal with several if not many coats of White Scar. Still not the smoothest, but eventually it came out pretty decent. The eyes and wax seal I did in Mephiston Red.

I used straight Gehenna's Gold on the visible bolter shells in the storm bolter's ammo box, but Belthasar Gold on the skull and angel wing on the black casing of the storm bolter.

To complete the Crux Terminatus I added several layers of Ushabti Bone. I followed this with a Seraphim Sepia wash. Wasn't quite exactly the look I was going for, and I almost redid it with a black wash. Once the wash dried; however, I was pleased with how it turned out.

I added script on the purity seal and one of the shoulder pads with a craft pen that has a very small tip. The wax seal was washed in Nuln Oil and the parchment I hit with Seraphim Sepia.

I haven't been too successful with decals over the years, and now I almost always avoid using them, but I thought I would give it a try. I painted the right shoulder pad in 'Ardcoat before applying the transfer. I believe this really helped. Not perfect, but the best I've had a decal look.

With all the painting done I went to work on the base. I used a mix of some ballast and small stones from Hobby Lobby, which work great for unique bases. Just experimenting at this point.
I am happy with the final product! First Templar I have done and first termie as well. The whole project probably took about 7 hours today. Questions and comments welcome!