Friday, May 6, 2016

Painting A Fire Angel

The 30th anniversary party that went down at Games Workshop: City Walk was a lot of fun. My brother was able to get the special 30th edition space marine. He actually got the last one the store had, so we showed up just in time.

I started to work on my space marine almost immediately. My brother and I were the first ones to begin. Eventually a handful of others had also joined us, including another set of identical twins around our age which was cool.

I started with a primed black marine. Kenny (the store manager) had already primed the figures. Because I would be using bright colors I wanted to start with a dark undercoat. Also, I was able to save a step by not having to go back and paint the webbing.

I began by painting the entire model in Leadbelcher. I left the webbing and recesses black. The Leadbelcher went on easily and smoothly.  This step probably took about 30 minutes.

Next, I washed the mini in Nuln Oil. This helped bring out the detail again especially on the edges of the armor.  The wash also paved the way for the finish coat of paint, which was Ironbreaker. I briefly considered leaving the model the way it was after the wash, but I knew it would look pretty good with the Ironbreaker.

At this point I was over an hour into the project. Painting the armor all one color definitely sped up the process.

The shoulder trim I based in Khorne Red, the same color I use for Genesis Chapter. Just like Genesis, I also had to do two coats to completely cover the black underneath.

Ironbreaker added to clean up the wash
Here I also considered leaving the trim Khorne Red. I talked to Kenny and a few others in the store, and everyone suggested going with a brighter red on top. I chose Mephiston Red. This color blended perfectly with the Ironbreaker and I was pleased with the results. I painted the mini's kneecap in the same fashion, which was keeping with the paint scheme found on the 40k wikia.

Just Khorne Red at this point

I went for the red bolter because I wanted a different color to add to the overall color scheme.
I added Mephiston Red to this picture (right) and the following pictures. I was glad I did a brighter colored bolter once I finished.

After some more consulting, I painted the eyes Macragge Blue, which looked really good against the armor. I enjoyed painting this mini and definitely liked the end product. An army of Fire Angels is going on my to do list for sure.