Saturday, April 16, 2016

30 Year Anniversary Plans

Super excited about today's activities to commemorate the greatest soldiers ever created, the Space Marines. I and my brother are heading over to Games Workshop: City Walk  to celebrate. One of the main activities is getting a free Space Marine mini to paint.

I have decided to do a Fire Angel, which has been a favorite chapter of mine for awhile. I was able to find some decal transfers on Bolter and Chainsword, which was a great find. Their paint scheme is
simple, and something I should be able to do in just a few hours, especially if I'm only working on one mini.

I will post pictures of my progress and the finished mini either tonight or tomorrow. Should be great fun. My idea right now is prime in Chaos Black, followed by a spray of Leadbelcher, wash the whole model in Nuln Oil, and then clean up with Ironbreaker. Haven't quite decided on the red yet for the shoulder trim as I need it to match the decals.

I am also planning on buying the 30th Anniversary model simply because it's an amazing classic. Not a huge fan of beaky helmets, but on the old models those helms look pretty cool.