Sunday, February 28, 2016

Calth Progress: 2nd Tactical Marine Completed

The going has been slow, but I finished the second Ultramarine from the Calth boxed set yesterday. He is pretty much the same as the first marine, however, I turned his head to the side to give him a different look.
Completed Ultra

I think my edge highlighting is improving, or at least my confidence is growing. I was hesitant to try it at first, wary of ruining my minis because of my lack of skill, but I have been pleased with the results. Maybe in the future I can start going for the extreme highlights, an extra bright highlight on the edge of the first highlight.

I'm really glad I've been spray painted the blue finish on the Ultras. It's a simple paint scheme, but it looks good and smooth.

I haven't started getting into the heavy weapons yet, although I have begun detail work on the Sergeant, which is going to look awesome when he's finished. The last remaining step for these minis, as you can see from the pictures, is to get some 'ardcoat and apply the transfers. I do believe this boxed set will look great when finished.

From the back
Progress, like I said, has been slow because I have once again taken on too many projects. My goal for this year is to finish most of them, including all three of my fantasy armies, Empire, High Elves, and Dwarves. That already seems like a tall order but maybe it can happen.

I've also been doing cosplay work that is not related to 40k in preparation for this year's Dragon Con. It'll be my first ever, and I want to do a good job. My skill with cosplay is limited, so I've halted production on the suit of Space Marine armor and settled for something a little easier, a Militia pilot costume from one of my favorite PC shooters, Titanfall.
Side View

My goal is to use that cosplay build to get more experience so my Space Marine cosplay will be high quality.

But back to Calth. The Ultras also still lack their base, which my brother and I have decided to use a gravel/rock type surface. We have the materials but still have to paint them the right color.

I've thought about trying to make the bases look extra detailed, so I might experiment with a few things like metal debris etc. At this point in time, however, I'm not sure when I will begin basing.

View from the other shoulder
Both minis together