Saturday, December 12, 2015

Calth Update

I've been able to make some tremendous progress so far today. I've got several minis started but I'm focusing on one mini as a test model, although if he comes out badly I don't know what to do with it, but I do want to see the finished product.

As you might remember, the last step for me is actually assembling the model, so the minis are still in pieces at this point and there's not much to look at.

I did some initial edge highlighting which was a lot of fun. I need to go back and touch up some spots as you can tell, but I think it will add a lot to the mini when all the components are assembled and highlighted.

My paint scheme is very simple which is helpful. I use a Krylon Grey primer that is fantastic. Tried the new Corax White spray, but was left frustrated again. (I am having to strip that model). GW White primers are still poop and ridiculously overpriced. $16 for a can of spray paint that will only work if it's shaken up for the exact right amount of time, the humidity is perfect, and the temperature is good, and it'll still be poop probably, or $4 for a can that just works all the time. Take your pick.

After I prime in Kyrlon Grey I basecoat with Macragge Blue spray paint. I love basing with a spray because it's a lot faster and goes on smooth. I do a Nuln Oil wash in the recesses after that, paint the webbing Abaddon Black then go to work on the details.

I painted the chest straps black, followed by a coat of Leadbelcher. I washed with Nuln Oil then highlighted with Ironbreaker which looks good when it's finished. Might be able to finish this guy tomorrow.