Sunday, December 13, 2015

Calth Project: First Mini Completed

The first of the stoic Ultramarine's tac squad is finished save for the decals and base. The detail work is self explanatory for the most part, which is what I liked about this paint scheme. Simple, but it looks good. No mixing paints or slugging it out through three or four coats of paint. That being said, the Ultras don't have a complicated scheme anyway, and of course I still have a fair amount of minis left to paint.

This was the first mini I've edge highlighted, which I think adds a lot to the mini. The power pack has the silver bits because that's how they were painted on the GW website and on the Calth box. I will get some better quality pictures with better lighting when I have more time. These are taken with just regular room light on an iPhone 6s.