Saturday, July 25, 2015

WIP Company Champion Almost Finished

Today is the day for my company champion, he is just about finished, lacking only his left pauldron, slight detail work and sand on his base to be completely finished. I detailed the purity seals and bolt pistol on the back of his combat shield yesterday and this morning. Sword and handle are finished as well. I painted the handle Codex Grey (yes an old bottle) before applying the Rhinox Hide to get a lighter brown color. When I used Rhinox Hide for the boots on the Scouts, I just painted the brown onto the basecoat black and it was very dark, so I tried to lighten it up a bit.

I also painted the purity seals a more standard white to contrast them with the robe. I used the same wash on the seals though to blend it all together. I kept the wax seals blue to match the other Genesis markings. I decided that such a distinction would probably be chapter wide, even when the wax was wasn't already on red armor. The only mini who is different in that regard is the Librarian.

The bolt pistol was fun, I even painted the shells in the magazine for a little more detail. If I was really skilled I could put some script on the front of the combat shield, but I don't have the expertise and I actually can't think of anything to write. Genesis doesn't shorten well like Ultra for Ultramar.

Anyway, I should finish him up and base him today, and I will post the fully completed pictures. I'll do a proper photo shoot in a few days and maybe a video as well.

Throughout the pictures I took some without flash to try get a true sense of color.