Thursday, July 16, 2015

Plans for today

No pictures in this post yet, but I wanted to share what I should get done today, and I will post updates later tonight. I'm focusing on doing cosplay today. I have completely finished the right forearm, and I should (literally within the hour) finish the upper arm portion of the suit, and then I just have to finish the elbow plate.

After I complete the right arm I will start on the left, again hopefully today. The arms have actually come together nicely and are probably the least complicated pieces. There's a lot to explain about proper scale and fitting the arms together to create a movable joint, but I'll detail that when I actually have pictures.

My third goal of the day is to get some painting done on my company champion. Just a little more detail work with the gold and I can glue his shield arm on and his helm. I will split that into a separate post.

So that's it for today, more posts to follow later. Let's get out there and get some work done!