Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Genesis Company Champion WIP

Been awhile since I've posted, just have gotten so busy with work and summer traveling. I have made progress recently on my Company Champion which I wanted to share just a few pictures of. Hopefully I can finish him within the next week or so, I have also been making good progress on my Cosplay Space Marine too, which I'll share later. But take a look at these pictures, I've pretty pleased with how this mini is turning out.

At this point the armour is finished with 2 coats of Khorne Red and washed, as you can tell I've already started on the detail work. I've gone back and forth on what color to do the purity seals. I was going to do a different color than the hanging cloth, but I might just do the same color. I've seen pictures of minis done this way and they look fine.

I still have to paint the gold on the hilt of his sword, and the shoulder pauldrons which aren't glued on yet, as well as his helm. Hopefully the golden visor will look pretty awesome.

I'm going to finish this mini completely and then move on to his buddies in the remaining command squad.

I also have to do the gold and bolt pistol detail on his shield. I'm looking forward to getting him across the line. The Company Champion has always been one of my favorite models.