Monday, July 27, 2015

Genesis Chapter Company Champion

Finished! Well except for the base, but I wanted to get these pictures out. As usually I took a few without the flash, but my camera can struggle to focus in just plain lighting when it's that close of a shot. Once I get the base completed I will do a proper photo shoot with daylight lamps and white background. For now though I am happy to finish this mini, the first of the command squad.

The company champion definitely has a lot of little details, but I didn't think this model was as tedious as the Librarian, probably because the darker undercoat and the simply fact that resin models are hard to paint.

I started work on the Apothecary as well, and hopefully I will finish that mini in a few days as well. I painted all of the command squad to roughly the same stage before branching off and finishing individual minis.

I am particularly excited about the purity seals. Doing them white I wasn't so sure how they would turn out, especially since they were up against the different colored robe. The blue wax seals look good too and help the model blend into his Genesis Chapter brothers. That being said, the command squad is pretty eclectic, so they will stand out.

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