Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cosplay Build Torso Update

Greetings! I have made great progress today on the torso. Just a short post, but wanted to show some pictures and let you know what I've accomplished today.

The last two days have seen a terrific amount of progress as well, and all of that work culminated with the near completion of the torso.

I started this morning with just a few of the back plates attached.
I added the lower portions and worked to close up the armholes, which would really help the structural integrity of the piece.
I've had some problems with warping and twisting, but I'm hesitant to modify the pieces for fear of making the problems worse or creating new ones. However, there are some issues with the frame. The shoulders and back are slightly twisted, with a few bulges in the back that are visible here.

The epoxy resin in the next phase of building can also warp the card stock, so I don't know what's going to happen with that. This is my first build like this and I've made a few mistakes, but I have improved throughout the build.

Not much else to add, but you can take a look through the rest of the pictures. I have closed up both armholes so the torso is one piece now.

All that remains is to construct the bottom lip of the torso which contains small pieces and small folds, so I am anticipating a slower, more tedious process. Should totally finish the torso by tomorrow, barring an apocalyptic event.