Friday, January 23, 2015

January Pledge Update

No pictures tonight unfortunately, but I wanted to give a quick update to the progress I've made on my January pledge, the command squad.

I have nearly finished priming all the pieces for the command squad. I completely assembled the standard bearer, which is not the normal way I build and paint minis, but I wanted to try something different.

Of the models I have finished priming, I already started with the red on the standard bearer and two other veterans. So far I've only painted their legs, but I've been working on keeping the coats thin with water. I really want the red to have a smooth final finish.

The weather has been cold and wet today, so I couldn't complete the priming for the weapons and arms I have left. I have been able to start on the Apothecary, which should be rather straightforward. I primed the model white, and I am currently doing the webbing black. I think I will do the aquila black as well.

That's my progress so far. In a bit of a crunch to get everything done in a week, but work has been busy and the librarian took longer than expected. I will be working hard to finish the command squad on time though. Will have a picture update tomorrow!