Saturday, January 31, 2015

Command Squad Update

Excited about the progress I made today! I believe I am still close to two weeks from finishing the command squad, as once the detail work starts everything slows down. However, I did finish the first coat of Khorne Red, and started on some of the second coat.

I worked hard at thinning out the paint this time around, and I think I've improved on the technique somewhat. Thinner paint should pay dividends with the second coat.

I finished all the shoulder pads as well, except for the apothecary's. I've gotten use to painting red again after the blue for the librarian. With only 5 guys to paint, and the apothecary not needing red, only doing 4 marines in red has been a lot nicer than 10 from a tac squad.

I've really enjoyed the different poses and load outs offered from the command squad. Everyone is different, which makes painting easier.

I've also been revamping the Building Genesis YouTube channel, and if you want to check out those videos click here. Just uploaded a recap of the Scouts I finished awhile ago, and a video about the Librarian should be up within the next day or so. Subscribe to the channel for more updates, and don't forget about the Building Genesis page on Facebook.
I am still behind schedule, as usual, for the FTGT Budget Challenge, but with today's solid amount of work I may be able to finish at least some of the marines by the 6th or 7th of February. Entire squad will probably not be done until mid Feb.

I should be able to start on the second coat later tonight or tomorrow.