Tuesday, December 9, 2014

WIP Space Marine Librarian

Definitely needs a lot more work with the blue but a good start.
The first three days of work on the Librarian has passed, and I am glad to showcase the progress so far. I have completely finished the first coat of Macragge Blue, leaving only the detail work and a probable second coat/wash/touchup. I need to go back and hit some spots that I missed or the white is showing through. After that I will do a dark wash, and then I might try cleaning up the model a bit with some lighter blue, which would be an experiment for me. Possibly a mix of Macragge Blue and Altdorf Guard Blue followed by straight Altdorf Guard Blue. Here's a picture of all the progress so far.

Leg webbing painted black and left shoulder painted blue
Once I primed the model with a skull white spray (that article is here), I painted some of the webbing black. I still have a little left to do, but I got most of the easiest to reach places. I then started with the Macragge Blue.

Having painted so much red in my gaming career, blue was a welcome break. The going was slow as the libby has a tremendous amount of detail.

Working around the Crux Terminatus wasn't too bad, and I think it will look good once it's painted.

The helmet area took some time
The most tedious part was painting areas around the robe. I know I'll probably get robe colored paint on the blue, so it's a balancing act in terms of what I paint first and last.

I am having some difficultly deciding what color to use on the robe. I am thinking about doing the same color process I used on the purity seals, but I don't want the libby to look like he is a walking purity seal. I also thought about leaving the robe white and just highlighting with a good wash, probably a darker one at that.

I have been using Gehenna's Gold for my Genesis Marines, which works better with darker colors, but I could also use Auric Armour Gold which might look better with the blue.

I finished up the remainder of the blue last night, as you can see in the rest of this pictures.
Back vents need some touch up

Tonight I'll hopefully get a good jump on the touchup and detail work. Thanks for reading and don't forget to like my Facebook page and check out the FTGT Budget Challenge!

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Just have to paint the foot 
View from the back, all completed

I'm leaving his right arm off until everything is painted