Saturday, December 6, 2014

WIP Priming the Librarian

Started priming the Librarian, and I am pleased with the results. I was slightly worried how the Skull White spray would work as a primer, but so far I have not had any problems with it. I painted the libby's main body and his storm bolter. I have yet to prime his staff arm as his force staff is bent. I want to straighten it, which I will probably showcase in another series of posts if my technique works.

On the first coat of white there are some definite missed spots. Difficult to get everywhere when spraying straight from a can and not an airbrush. A second coat did the trick though.

Notice the slight missed areas
Here's the right side of the libby where his staff arm attaches. The white went on pretty smooth; though; which I'm excited about. I've had trouble with it before, especially when I tried to use it for squad and chapter markings.
Also some missed spots here

Leftover grey areas on the inside of the robe
So far it's been all good. No cracking or chipping.

I really want this model to turn out right, so I went ahead and gave it a second coat of white. I focused more on the missed areas and got the results I wanted. Even coverage all the way around, which should give the Macragge Blue a great layer to build on. 

Much better coverage

Also primed the storm bolter as well. I will paint that separately from the main body of the Libby until most of the painting is done as the gun tends to block some of the arm for painting. Nothing fancy for the bolter besides the ornamentation. The gun case will be black, Leadbelcher magazines and aquillas, although I might do those in a gold to dress up the gun a bit.

Will continue to post updates as I make progress!