Wednesday, December 3, 2014

FTGT Hobby Budget Challenge

To help spur myself into action and to give myself a reasonable goal to shoot for, I have decided to enter the Facing The Grey Tide Hobby Budget Challenge. FTGT is another 40k blog, which many readers probably keep up with if you are busy on the internet 40k world. The rules are pretty simple. Given 6 months and $75 dollars a month, build a playable army with total cost not exceeding $525. You are allowed one "double up" month where you can spend $150 total. Also money not spent in a month rolls over to the next. My plan is to continue with Genesis but expand it according to the FTGT Budget Challenge rules.

For December I will aim to complete the Librarian as well as the command squad. Total cost is $65. $30 for the Libby and $35 for command squad. This gives me $10 extra for January, although I will probably be working on the Dreadnought by then which will fit under $75 anyway.

As per the fluff, the Libby will be in blue armor, similar to an Ultramarine. I am thinking about basing the model in Skull White spray, followed by a dark Macragge blue and heavy Drakenhof Nightshade wash. I used this scheme on portions of my scouts, albeit with a black undercoat, but I liked the results. A lighter prime coat will give the model more of a glow compared to the dark Genesis scheme, which should help the Libby stand out.

Here are all the parts trees of what I plan to get done. It's only Dec 3rd but I already feel behind. I am looking forward to doing all these minis though as they are mostly hero pieces and unique.

For other readers who want to get in on the challenge, which I highly recommend, here's a couple links to get you started. Make sure to like and join the FB page, and I would love to see your progress as well!

FTGT Hobby Budget Challenge FB page
FTGT Blog post (rules and instructions)