Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Librarian Progress

A quick update on some of the progress I've made over the last few weeks. I am behind schedule as usual but fairly pleased with what I've gotten done. The libby still has a lot of touching up to do. I've found that with a white undercoat every missed spot is glaring, as you can spot in the pictures. His robe came out well. I left it white and just hit it with an Agrax Earthshade wash, which gave it a good color.

I've also started on the staff arm of the libby, as well as the work on the storm bolter (not completed). Should finish him soon once I get some missing paint and roll on to the command squad!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

WIP Space Marine Librarian

Definitely needs a lot more work with the blue but a good start.
The first three days of work on the Librarian has passed, and I am glad to showcase the progress so far. I have completely finished the first coat of Macragge Blue, leaving only the detail work and a probable second coat/wash/touchup. I need to go back and hit some spots that I missed or the white is showing through. After that I will do a dark wash, and then I might try cleaning up the model a bit with some lighter blue, which would be an experiment for me. Possibly a mix of Macragge Blue and Altdorf Guard Blue followed by straight Altdorf Guard Blue. Here's a picture of all the progress so far.

Building Genesis on Facebook

I have been tremendously pleased with the progress of this blog page, so I wanted to pass along a reminder of the Building Genesis Facebook page. I use FB as another platform to share information, and liking the page is a great way for you as a reader to stay connected. I post more daily updates on that page than I would on this blog, as well as some photos.

So if you could take a second and follow the link and "like" the page I would appreciate it!
Building Genesis Facebook Page

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tyranid Broodlord: Spawn of Cryptus For Sale

Quick post here, I have just purchased Shield of Baal: Deathstorm for a future project next summer. Just couldn't resist with all the new Blood Angel stuff flying about that looks fantastic. Anyway, I have some solid plans for this project, which will have to wait until after Genesis, but I am looking to sell the Tyranids as I have no plans of playing them. I have just listed the Tyranid Broodlord from Deathstorm on eBay if you are interested in adding him (it?) to your Nid army. I will eventually be listing all the Tyranids from the box, which includes a Carnifex, 8 Genestealers, and 3 Warriors.

The Spawn of Cryptus is new and unique to Deathstorm and not available anywhere else. If you're looking for a special HQ piece without paying the full price for Deathstorm, here's your chance.

For my US readers, if you're interested follow this link to the eBay listing. I am not planning on shipping overseas, but if an overseas reader really wants to purchase it I am all ears, and I'm sure we can work out something.

Also if you're interested in buying the other Tyranids, comment on the article or email. Prices will start lower than typical GW store price.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

WIP Priming the Librarian

Started priming the Librarian, and I am pleased with the results. I was slightly worried how the Skull White spray would work as a primer, but so far I have not had any problems with it. I painted the libby's main body and his storm bolter. I have yet to prime his staff arm as his force staff is bent. I want to straighten it, which I will probably showcase in another series of posts if my technique works.

On the first coat of white there are some definite missed spots. Difficult to get everywhere when spraying straight from a can and not an airbrush. A second coat did the trick though.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

FTGT Hobby Budget Challenge

To help spur myself into action and to give myself a reasonable goal to shoot for, I have decided to enter the Facing The Grey Tide Hobby Budget Challenge. FTGT is another 40k blog, which many readers probably keep up with if you are busy on the internet 40k world. The rules are pretty simple. Given 6 months and $75 dollars a month, build a playable army with total cost not exceeding $525. You are allowed one "double up" month where you can spend $150 total. Also money not spent in a month rolls over to the next. My plan is to continue with Genesis but expand it according to the FTGT Budget Challenge rules.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Library Calls

Been about a month since I've posted and been able to do any modeling really. In that time I have moved to my own apartment, so it's been a busy few weeks. My new modeling station is a great set up though, and if work ever calms down a bit I should be able to start pumping out some models soon.

I am taking a break from the Predator, which was the last model I was working on, and going back to work on some minis. At the moment I have started on the Librarian, which is a Citadel Finecast model.

I'm really excited about this model despite the negative reviews Finecast has received over the years. I don't have any complaints at the moment other than all the tabs and mold lines (they're everywhere) so I haven't primed anything as I'm worried about missing a tab and having to go back and cut it off later. I believe I have just about found them all (fingers crossed).

I am equipping my librarian with the standard force staff (which is bent of course, working on straightening it) along with a storm bolter. Another range weapon won't hurt, and it's pretty cheap. My librarian will probably join with my future termie squad on deep strike runs since my captain doesn't have termie armor and has his own command squad.

I enjoyed working on my first character piece, the captain, and I'm looking forward to the librarian as well. The command squad has some pretty awesome minis as well, which I may do next. The librarian of course has his own paint scheme. I'll do another in depth post about his colors later.

Glad to be back, lots of stuff to work on but determined to get across the line.