Monday, September 1, 2014

Tactical Squad Chronos Complete

Just a few minutes ago I put the final touches on the last Marine in Tactical Squad Chronos! I am very excited to be finished with another tac squad as it is a fairly large unit, especially with all that power armor. I'm in the midst of painting the Scouts, which I will have another update on later tonight. I've uploaded a few pictures here of my completed force so far.

I now have 25 Space Marines painted with only Chronos Squad lacking the final touch of sand on their bases. I started working on this current force in earnest in February, so 7 months to finish 25 Marines and a Rhino. That's not overly quick or slow in terms of overall output. Chronos Squad took about a month to do, which makes sense considering I spent 8-10 hours per model and there were 10 models. Close to 100 hours total, and I spent about 20-25 hours on the minis per week.
Everything I have completed so far. 490 points total.
Once the bases are completed for Chronos Squad I will do a proper photo shoot with them in all their glory, hopefully by the end of the week. For now I am working hard on the Scouts and tinkering with my 750 pt lineup for the upcoming Escalation League. I really want another war machine in the lineup, so I might reduce Chronos to a combat squad without heavy weapons in order to fit my Predator in the army. I'm not sure how that would play out on the tabletop, so I will probably be troubleshooting that idea this weekend. I will have a more in depth post/discussion about it later.

Anyway, if you live in the US I hope you're enjoying your Labor Day! Enjoy the rest and time with friends and family, and try to do some painting or gaming if you can.