Saturday, September 6, 2014

Scouts Update

A short post for tonight but a quick update on the progress I made today. Once again the final stages of painting took longer than I anticipated, even though I tried to make conservative estimates on when I could finish the Scouts. I did finish 2 of the 5 in terms of painting and detailing with only the bases left to finish. The other Scouts have minor details which I know I can finish tomorrow.

Death from afar
I have always loved the lore about Scouts, and I would really enjoy for Black Library to flesh that process out even more. Be great to follow a Space Marine from a Neophyte to Scout to Battle Brother.

I wanted to include some in my army because of the tactical flexibility they provide with their 36 inch range. My lineup is geared more toward a gunline, but it does include some heavy hitters, so having a mobile fire platform is a huge plus, not to mention their ability to take out multiple wound characters from afar.

These two Scouts are totally done except for their bases, which I will try to do tomorrow. I finished up the heads with a second coat of Kislev Flesh with a Seraphim Sepia wash. The eyes are OK, nothing spectacular but decent enough for my first faces I've ever painted. I want to do a Dwarf army at some point, so I might as well start practicing. 

The rifles fit easily into the arms like they were suppose to. Much easier than getting the two arms and bolter of a tactical Space Marine right. I painted the scopes/lenses Altdorf Guard blue to add another color to the gun since there is a lot of black.

I decided to do the tubing coming from the guns warpstone glow. Can't really say why, just wanted a different color and didn't want to do one color for each tube or else I would still be painting.

I like the cloaks more and more every time I work with them. Leaving them black would have been uninspiring to say the least. I feel that the entire paint scheme just works well together. Adding sand to the bases tomorrow will help as well, and I am planning on finishing the bases for Tactical Squad Chronos as well. That would totally complete my force at the moment.

I also started free handing the insignia on the exposed shoulder pads of the Scouts, but there's only three insignia I have to do, so that won't take long. I have to finish one more head too and that's really about it in terms of painting. The kneeling Scout needs his base finished before he can be glued together because his cloak is too close to the ground to apply sand afterward. Other than that it's a straightforward day.

I am pleased to get this unit done so quickly. I started them on Monday, taking advantage of an epic Labor Day to get a lot done. 6+ hours of painting today, but it was well worth it. 

Hopefully another update tomorrow night with completed Scouts before a proper photo shoot later this week. Don't give up painting and have a great weekend!