Friday, September 5, 2014

Genesis Chapter Scouts: Day 2-4

Lots of progress over the last few days on the Scouts to show you! Had some delays because I had to move my work station, but did some late night and early morning painting to catch up. I got about 5 hours of painting done today, and I estimate I have about 4-6 hours left, which I will try to do tomorrow. More pictures after the jump!

First coat of red on the gauntlets.
My first step was finishing out the gauntlets. The molds are not as good quality as the new tac Marines, which I was not expecting. The trigger hand is only molded on the front. The back has no fingers, but it still looks good from the front, which is the part people see anyway. I also had to cut away some extra plastic which you can see in the picture here. The gun at the top has been cut away already. Look at the lower gun in between the front gauntlet and the gun. An extra tab of plastic connects the gauntlet to the gun. It didn't take much to cut this away.

Second coat of red on the torsos

I also completed the red on the torsos which you can see here, and I did the brown on the pouches, holsters, and boots of the leg pieces. Rhinox Hide is a little dark, especially after the Agrax Earthsahd watch, but it looks fine.

Some of the holsters and boots painted Rhinox Hide brown

Ready for washing!

Close up of the detail work

More detail work

2nd coat of red on the gauntlets

Painted the cloaks codex grey

The biggest change I made to the Scouts was deciding to paint the cloaks. I had intended to leave them black, but they looked really unfinished and uninspiring. I recently resurrected an old bottle of codex grey, and after some thought I decided grey would actually look pretty good with my paint scheme.

Grey contrasts nicely with the red and blue of the Scouts' clothing, which is what I wanted. The models were just too dark. I was still a little nervous about painting them, but I knew if I didn't like it I could just paint the cloaks black again and start over.
First torso glued on

I was pleased with how the cloaks came out, and I think they add a lot to the models. If I had more time/skill I would do a camo pattern on the cloaks, but I cannot. I have watched several tutorials but still don't think I could pull it off.

All the cloaks painted

All the cloaks before washing them in Agrax Earthshade.

Started the detail work on the sniper rifles

The rifles don't have a lot to be done to them which is nice. Just some light detail work tomorrow and they will be finished.

First torso with cloak washed and glued on

A good picture of the painted and washed cloak. The mini cuts a much more heroic figure than a model with a non nondescript black cloak. The wash helped immensely, adding some natural highlights and bringing out the detail in the cloak.

Final progress for the day

Last pictures of the day, scouts with their cloaks and ready for the rest of the detail work. I did not glue on the cloak of the scout that is kneeling to take a shot as his cloak almost touches the ground. I will have to do the sand on his base first before gluing the cloak on.

All that remains tomorrow is the detail work on the aquilas, the insignia, finish out the rifles and the heads. I believe I should be able to finish the scouts tomorrow, and considering I started them on Monday this week I have made quick progress. Hopefully I can achieve that goal!