Monday, September 1, 2014

Genesis Chapter Scouts: Day 1

Let's build some Scouts!
Two blog posts in one day! I started on my Scout squad today, and I wanted to show the progress I made so far. It was a successful day of work in terms of how much I got done, and I thoroughly enjoyed working on the Scouts. Breaking up the routine of power armor, power armor, power armor, the Scouts are a welcome change.

Sanded and ready for priming

After finishing tactical squad Chronos this morning, I knew I had the rest of the day to make some serious headway on another unit, so I jumped right into working on the Scouts. I desperately needed a break from regular Marines. I was also on the last fumes of my Chaos Black spray paint, so I needed something without a lot of pieces to prime.

Gluing legs to bases
I cut out and sanded the parts down and tried dry fitting some of the torsos and legs, which I discovered will be a bit tricky to get right. There's also some guess work on pairing the arms and torsos right, but I figured it out. Just be careful and don't start gluing things before making sure you have the correct pieces.

I usually glue the legs on their bases for priming, but I am considering stopping that practice in the future. In some ways this method makes spray painting easier, in other ways it's harder to get the inside of the legs, so I might just start laying them flat and gluing them to their bases later.

After prime coat of Chaos Black
As I said before, I had just enough spray paint to finish priming. I literally ran out just as I finished and threw the can away on the way inside. Painting by hand takes a lot more time, and I would rather avoid that. With the pieces primed it was time to get painting.

When I first decided to field scouts in my army I thought I would mirror the paint scheme of the Ultramarine scouts. After all, Genesis is a successor chapter of the Ultramarines. However, in the newest Space Marine codex I found a random picture of a Genesis Chapter Scout. Unexpected but very helpful. Since I want Genesis to have an accurate paint scheme, I decided I should follow the codex (pun intended). Somewhere Gulliman is smiling.
Two coats of Macragge Blue on the legs

That picture shows a Genesis Scout with the expected red carapace armor but blue legs and arms as opposed to the standard cream/khaki trousers. Because my red is slightly darker than how Games Workshop typically depicts Genesis, I wanted a darker blue that went better with my paint scheme will still creating a look that modeled the codex. I went with Macragge Blue which has been a good choice. My Sergeant's helms on the regular Marines is done with Altdorf Blue, which is probably a shade too light for my paint scheme but it works. For my Scouts; though, I wanted a blue that was spot on.
Same for the arms
The Blue went on really nicely. I did two coats to ensure an even spread. This process went quickly as the Scouts simply don't have much to paint. It was nice to be working with another color besides red for a change.

Blue on the legs and sleeves for the most part. Red everywhere there is armor. The Scouts carry a lot of extra gear and pouches around their waist, which I will do in Mournfang Brown.

So far I have just done one coat of Khorne Red and two coats of Macragge Blue. I was pleased with all that I got done though.
Blue finished on the rifle arms

Tomorrow my goal is to finish the second coat of red and start the detail work with the brown. Once that is finished I will wash the entire model in Agrax Earthshade. The torsos don't have any brown detailing to do but I will need to do the aquilas, but those I traditionally do after I wash the model.

First coat of Khorne Red on the carapace armor
I should come close to finishing these models tomorrow, which will be a great stride in getting my army ready for the escalation league. I will update my progress again tomorrow, and I hope to do a video update on my YouTube channel as well. Don't forget to like Building Genesis on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube!

Red on the waist armor