Friday, September 19, 2014

Escalation League Play Tomorrow

The time has come to sally forth in search of glory. Genesis is going to war. Tomorrow I am headed to Games Workshop: City Walk to play in their 40k Escalation League. This is the opening round of games at 750 pts. I just finished packing my army, and I will be at Games Workshop when the doors open tomorrow at 12.

My biggest challenge tomorrow will be my lack of war machines. I originally designed this list to function as a 1,000 point force, and I was focusing on the getting the troop choices down first. Because of this, I lack heavy firepower. I have taken a few days off from painting so my Predator isn't finished yet but has only been prepped for base coating.

My main focus tomorrow is learning the game and just having fun rolling dice. I have been around the game since I was barely a teenager and now I finally have an army capable of playing a game, so I'm very excited just to get out and play.

In the next few days I will post a battle rep on the blog and my YouTube channel, which should be a good run down of everything that happened during the fighting.

Tomorrow we march for Newfound. We march for our destiny.