Monday, September 15, 2014

Captain Completed

I just put the finishing touches on the captain! Excited to see this model completed, especially being my first HQ choice and "hero" figure that I have done. I added some extra details to make the model special, along with a rock base to make the model truly stand out. Really pleased with how it came out and looking forward to hitting the gaming tables this weekend now that my 750 point army is ready to go. I will take some higher quality pictures tomorrow, but check out the ones I have tonight!

Last night I got the shoulder pads finished and glued on. This kit is fantastic in terms of options, so I chose the imperial eagle and crux terminatus for my captain as I felt those embodied what it means to be a Genesis Chapter Space Marine. I didn't think bone white would look the greatest with my color scheme so I painted the insignia gold.

I went back and forth over what color to do the cloak. Finally decided to do brown since gray would match the scouts' cloaks and the captain should look completely different from the scouts. I was too afraid to try purple, and brown ended up working quite well.

Looking good, just need that head to be useful

Eagle headed power generator 

The eagle heads were not difficult to paint. Just a simple undercoat of Chaos Black Spray with Gehenna's Gold on top. I went lightly over them with the brush to keep all the detail.
Progress on the purity seals

Helmet finished

Holster and extra purity seals

The holster and purity seals were a last minute decision, but they help make the unit more customized and look more "captainy." Besides, everyone knows extra purity seals mean extra righteousness.

Tomorrow I will do a full photo shoot in the studio. I have also finished basing Tactical Squad Chronos, so I will post those pictures as well. Look for some group shots of my entire 750 point battle group too!