Saturday, August 16, 2014

WIP Thousand Sons Terminators

I am at my brother's place for the weekend as I mentioned in my last blog post, and I wanted to share one of the projects he has been working on, his Thousand Son terminators. Some of his other minis can be seen here on the Brothers-In-Arms page. He finished a second squad of Rubric Marines and some vehicles which I will put up on that page as well very soon.

Here are some pictures of his progress so far. He is planning on having them ready for his escalation league battle tomorrow.  He starts with a base of Alaitoc Blue, followed by Lothern Blue before any of the detail work is done. I think the termies are off to a good start! Still a lot of painting to go, but he's making progress.

First prime coat of Alaitoc Blue

Starting work on the weapons

Modified heads from eBay to get a fluffy
Thousand Sons look

Lothern Blue

Auric Armour Gold for the trim

Weapon hands trimmed