Thursday, August 28, 2014

WIP Tactical Squad Chronos #5

Heavy Bolter powerpack
I have been really busy yesterday and today with work, but I still managed to get some things done tonight. I believe I am in a great position to finish these 3 models Friday or Saturday at the latest. I am super excited about the three day weekend (in the USA), which will enable me to get a good start on my next unit. I will do the Scouts and my captain at the same time. I can max out some of my other units to get to 750 pts, so my lineup is pretty much set. If my force is ready to go by next Saturday the 6th, I will go for it, but I do have until the 28th to play 3 scoring games, so I know I can be ready by the 13th at the latest.

Las Cannon power pack
The powerpacks for the heavy bolter and las cannon were a little extra work than a standard powerpack, but it's been fun to do the extra steps for the most part.

I also spent a lot of time tonight working on detailing the weapons, and that has been some gritty detail for sure. I thought I could at least be gluing weapons on tonight, but I just couldn't get enough done.
Shoulder for heavy bolter

My goal for tomorrow night is to get both the las cannon and heavy bolter detailed and glued on. I may possibly be able to finish those two Marines, including their helmets which are almost done already, tomorrow. I am just a day or two away from finishing my second tac squad, which is a huge achievement for me. I started building this army a year ago at this time, and for months the project sat idle. Finishing this tac squad will get me to 25 finished Marines plus the Rhino, so Genesis is steadily growing.

Shoulder for las cannon
If I am able to keep up with the Escalation league, I will have 1750 pts of Genesis after November. That point total would be the completion of this project for sure, and my first battle ready army. I have other army ideas, and I must answer their call, but I am looking forward to the remaining units in Genesis, and I have enjoyed my time so far. More updates coming this weekend!