Monday, August 25, 2014

WIP Tactical Squad Chronos #4

A quick post to show you all my progress for today and to celebrate 1,400 pageviews! I am thrilled to be getting that kind of support and interest after only 4 months of blogging. I could always use some more comments and followers on blogger (hint, hint), but in all seriousness I am thankful for the interest. It takes a lot of work to build a 40k army and make a blog out of it, so it's nice to have some support on the internet. Also glad to welcome a fairly large and diverse international base ranging from Europe to Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Progress for today was good. A solid 4 hours of painting at least. More after the jump!

I started the detail work on some of the weapons and power packs, as well as the free hand on the squad insignia. The power packs have to glued on first with the heavy weapons because of the ammo belts and las wires running from the powerpack around the shoulder to the weapons.

I normally glue the arms on first, but I have to get the angle right to attach the ammo feeds to the powerpacks. The whole process will make more sense with more pictures.
Last of the shoulder pads

I am still trying to finish these 3 Marines by Wednesday, which might still be possible. Tomorrow I should be able to get some arms glued on and weapons detailed and possibly attached as well. But as you know everything takes longer than expected when it comes to painting.

I should have another update tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. Thank you again for all the support and interest, and may the Emperor guide your painting endeavors!
Before adding the gold to the aquila 

Gold and Seraphim Sepia wash 
Free hand tac squad marking

Powerpacks and trimmed shoulder guards

Washed shoulder pads

Ready for arms and weapons