Friday, August 1, 2014

WIP Tactical Squad Chronos #2

Another busy day at work, but I managed to squeeze a few hours' worth of progress on Tactical Squad Chronos today. Most of it was just working on the arms and weapons of 3 Marines in particular. I am trying to keep up with an assembly line style, so I plan to finish all the arms and weapons before moving on to the next step. More pictures and descriptions after the jump.

Detail work finished and ready to assemble
the combi flamer. Check out the script on the purity seal
Glued together

First Marine with both arms and bolter

Progress on the 3 Marines. Both arms glued on and weapons locked and loaded. The left and center Marines still need their free hands, which I will do this weekend.

My heavy bolter has come in, but I still haven't received the other bits I need to finish all 10 Marines, so for now I can only do 7 in full, but that's OK because it's a reachable goal. I have started doing some prep work for the Captain, as well as working on his base which I'm doing differently to add some character to the model. I will be out all day tomorrow, so I won't be able to do any work until Sunday, but I am pushing hard to start finishing these guys soon, as I still have a lot of minis to do and time is already running short.