Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Progress

Despite a fruitful 12 hour painting session on Saturday, I was unable to get a playable army ready for the Escalation League which was disappointing. I am rather frustrated with always feeling like I am behind and missing out on so many tourneys because my army is not finished even though I am painting every day as much as I can. Tac squads especially just take a lot of time. However, the silver lining is that I did make a lot of progress, and my force is nearing completion. Take a look at these most recent pictures!

6 guys completely done!

So cool to see the transformation from gray plastic
to Genesis Marines. Makes the whole process worth it.

Sergeant with combi flamer and hand grenade.

The 7th Marine simply needs one of his hands touched up, and he will be finished tomorrow. A bad thunderstorm prevented me from spray painting the other 3 Marines, but I was able to start on the pieces I already based. Realistically, it will take the rest of the week to finish the last of the tac squad, especially considering I only have a few hours to paint each day. I'm not giving up though! Every day is progress!