Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tactical Squad Chronos Update and Weekend Plans

Progress so far. Some shoulder pads finished and helmets
A quick progress report on what I've done the last few days. My army is not going to be ready for the escalation league play at Comics Plus unfortunately, but I will bring what units I have done and make it work with that. With my full time job in full swing now, I can only paint for a few hours each day, so the going has been slow. I still think I can finish at least the this tac squad though before Sunday.

I had to switch from spray painting the insignia to
hand painting them. I was having so many problems with the spray paint, mainly from the humidity I believe, I gave it up for hand painting. Citadel's white paint is notoriously bad, but I have gotten better with it.

Sergeant with combi flamer and shoulder pad

The Sergeant's insignia came out pretty well. Here you can see the detail on the combi flamer as well.

Decent insignia for hand painting

I have finished this Marine's purity seal since I took this picture.

Working on the power packs

This weekend I am going to go down to Macon with my brother again to play in the escalation league. Currently the total is up to 1500 pts, which I am not close too, but with his Fists and a completed Tac squad I could max out at maybe 1100 or more. I am heading down Friday night, and my brother and I will spend all Saturday painting, so I aim to maybe finish the captain as well, which would be a lot of points. I also am going to bring my scouts down with me, which although I haven't started them yet I may be able to finish them quickly since they have little armor compared to the Space Marines. I will have progress updates on any units I finish this weekend, as well as another battle report from Sunday's fighting. Whatever you're working on this weekend, keep painting and don't give up! If you can, hop on over to Facebook and like the Building Genesis page and head to YouTube to subscribe to the Building Genesis channel. Have a good day!