Sunday, August 24, 2014

Heavy Weapons Update

Everything I finished this weekend
Just a brief recap of what I got completed this weekend. A decent amount overall, especially considering all the over stuff I had to do this weekend. It's been relaxing to paint after coming back from work, and the weekends I have more uninterrupted time for the most part. I am almost completely done with all of the first coat of khorne red work, which should allow me to finish these last 3 marines this week, hopefully at least by Wednesday so I can start on my scouts.

I finished the first and second coat of red on the legs and torsos, glued them together and just applied the wash tonight. The wash does so much for the models. Tones down the red just a bit to get away from the Blood Angel look and also adds a touch of wear and war on the armour.

I am already a little under the gun in terms of finishing everything by next weekend, but I think I can get pretty close. My main problem is getting a workable 750 point force. My models don't work out right to get 750. With the second tac squad completed I will have 470 pts total. Scouts are only 70 pts and my captain is 190,  which gets me to 730. With a force that small I really want to be at or above 750.

The Predator is 140 pts, but my only other unit is the command squad which is 170 pts. So I can be slightly under or 50+ pts over which isn't the best option either. I also want a balanced lineup too, so I probably need the Predator's firepower. Conversely I could max out some other units to get to 750 which is a better possibility.

I will have more flexibility with the 1250 round, but I don't want to start in a hole by losing a lot of games in the first round.

Tomorrow I will start detailing the heavy weapons
Anyway that's about all that I have for now. Aiming to finish these 3 guys by Wednesday and start on the Scouts and Captain which shouldn't take long. My ace in the hole is the Predator; I can do that in just a few days as long as the machine spirits cooperate.

Hope you're having a good day, and wherever you are don't give up on your army! Keep painting!