Saturday, August 23, 2014

Escalation League Details

I had a profitable trip to Games Workshop: City Walk in Sandy Springs, GA, yesterday despite the typical Atlanta traffic. I purchased a Space Marine Predator, which is the final model I lacked for my army list. I am still tinkering with my army list a bit for the Escalation League, but I am jumping ahead of myself. Let me first explain the format of this Escalation League which is one of the better ones that I've seen.

The start date is Sept 5th, as I mentioned in a previous post, and the point total is 750. I was disappointed at first because I expected 500 pt base for starters, but as I have gotten more experienced with the game, it is difficult to have meaningful 500 pt games, so 750 pts is a much better starting point. Instead of a one day match time; however, the round lasts the entire month. For example, the 750 pt round goes from Sept 5th to Sept 28th. That's good for me for two reasons; one being if I'm not quite finished with the necessary points I have some wiggle room to get them across the line. The second bonus is I can plan out my gaming days, so if the initial gaming day doesn't work, no big deal. This gives me the option of playing on Saturdays, which works with my work schedule much better.

Every month the points go up by 500 pts. Getting 500 pts done in a month is still a tall order of sorts, so I will have to stay disciplined, but as I mentioned before, the units won't have to necessarily be done by the first of the month, so I have some extra time to finish stuff. 1250 pt rounds start Oct 5th, and the final 1750 round starts Nov 1st.

The league requirements are straightforward. Models must be built and primed, which won't be a problem for me. Players must have their armies codex which I have and technically the core rulebook, which I don't have. Don't want to spend the money just yet on a 7th ed rulebook; however, I assume as long as one of the players has the rulebook it will be fine.

Players can participate in a maximum of 3 scoring games during a round. Naturally if I want to win the league I need to play the max number each round. Scoring is 2 pts for a win, 1 pt for a draw. Also 1 pt is granted for a completely painted force, which should keep me from finishing dead last haha.

A Banner Challenge is another option for points. Basically you need a model with a banner from your army, and the best painted model wins. I am going to enter my standard bearer from my command squad, so I am going through some ideas for the banner. I'm excited with the possibilities. I will probably free hand everything; although, I will stick to mostly straight lines.

A Conversion Challenge is part of the league as well, but I have nothing that I am kit bashing, so I will not enter anything unless it's part of my expanded army list. I have some ideas that might work, but I need to focus on getting my current models finished.

That's about it for the League details. Of course there's a best painted competition featuring an army display board. I've always been intrigued about doing a display board, so that might happen as well. Anyway, I have gotten about halfway through the first coat on the remaining tactical squad troopers. I should get a lot painted tomorrow and I will post another update then. I should finish them early this week, and then it's on to my scouts and captain.