Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Word About Dark Vengeance

Image courtesy of Games Workshop
New to 40k? The ultimate beginner's guide and set has been offered by Games Workshop as the Dark Vengeance starter box, and it is the steal of the century.

As a beginner it might be hard to see at first why this is such a great deal, especially because DV still costs $110 big ones, but a deeper understanding of all that DV includes and its gaming potential will prove the sets worth. See why it's such a fantastic idea after the jump.

First, you can check out all the details here. DV is the replacement for the old starter set Black Reach, featuring Ultramarines and Orks. DV is one of the greatest ways for beginners to get into 40k, especially considering the cost for everything that comes in a DV set.

Here's what makes the DV set so great for beginners. Basically, you get everything you need to play a game of 40k, which is what the hobby is all about. The models are snap-fit, so no glue is necessary technically. DV comes with a mini rulebook, assembly guide, and a reference manual. Factor in the cost of the current rulebook set ($85), and the mini rulebook is an excellent buy. Some battle templates, dice, and templates are included as well, so the only item someone would need to play 40k outside of DV is a tape measure or something to mark distances.

Amazing Aspiring Champion
Image courtesy of Games Workshop
The two armies included in the box have some awesome character pieces. The Chaos Space Marine force features an Aspiring Champion and six Chosen, which have some fantastic dynamic poses and unique weapon loadouts. A well sculpted Chaos Lord with an impressive daemonic sword and flowing cloak commands the traitorous forces too. These pieces would be a great start to a larger Chaos force. I have never been a huge fan of Chaos forces (for obvious reasons, Gulliman is watching of course), but I really like the look of these Chaos models.

Excellent commander for any DA force
Image courtesy of Games Workshop
The Dark Angels have a somewhat standard tactical squad, but the Sergeant has some unique customization. What truly makes this force; though, is the wonderfully designed Company Master. His robes and embossed insignia along with the angel wings cresting his helmet complete his majestic and mysterious appearance. A worthy commander to be sure. The Dark Angel Librarian is another good looking mini with special robes and dynamic pose.

Other big pluses include the Hellbrute and Deathwing terminators, which are normally $50 sets. Everything you need to play is included, so in an hour or two you and friend could assemble the models and be playing your first battle. Obviously painting would take some time, but for starters you could jump right into a battle.

The DV set is literally legal theft. 49 minis all told in addition to a mini rulebook, datasheets, templates, and example battle scenarios for $110. Because this set is over $65, ordering it from the GW website would get you free shipping.

Dark Vengeance would be a great project for you and a friend to complete together, or even a gaming group. The armies can be expanded into full fledged fighting forces later too. In a time of expensive and probably overpriced models, look no further than Dark Vengeance as a cost effective way to join the breath taking, war torn galaxy that is Warhammer 40,000.