Saturday, August 30, 2014

Heavy Weapons Finished

Took longer than I would have liked, but I completed my two Marines with heavy weapons a few hours ago. I still have a little detail work on the purity seals and power packs to go, but the Marines are essentially done. I will complete the remainder of the work early tomorrow, which will give me all of Monday to start work on the Scouts. I am trying to finish them in a week along with my captain. Don't have a lot of time to write and I'm tired from a busy week, but take a look around and enjoy the pictures! Don't forget to like Building Genesis on Facebook!

Early Saturday Update

Some pictures from the progress I made yesterday. My goal is to finish the heavy weapon Marines and the normal bolter Marine today to complete Tactical Squad Chronos. Excited to be almost finished! Tac Squads seem to take a long time with all that power armor. Check out the pictures and stay tuned for another update later today!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

WIP Tactical Squad Chronos #5

Heavy Bolter powerpack
I have been really busy yesterday and today with work, but I still managed to get some things done tonight. I believe I am in a great position to finish these 3 models Friday or Saturday at the latest. I am super excited about the three day weekend (in the USA), which will enable me to get a good start on my next unit. I will do the Scouts and my captain at the same time. I can max out some of my other units to get to 750 pts, so my lineup is pretty much set. If my force is ready to go by next Saturday the 6th, I will go for it, but I do have until the 28th to play 3 scoring games, so I know I can be ready by the 13th at the latest.

Monday, August 25, 2014

WIP Tactical Squad Chronos #4

A quick post to show you all my progress for today and to celebrate 1,400 pageviews! I am thrilled to be getting that kind of support and interest after only 4 months of blogging. I could always use some more comments and followers on blogger (hint, hint), but in all seriousness I am thankful for the interest. It takes a lot of work to build a 40k army and make a blog out of it, so it's nice to have some support on the internet. Also glad to welcome a fairly large and diverse international base ranging from Europe to Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Progress for today was good. A solid 4 hours of painting at least. More after the jump!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Heavy Weapons Update

Everything I finished this weekend
Just a brief recap of what I got completed this weekend. A decent amount overall, especially considering all the over stuff I had to do this weekend. It's been relaxing to paint after coming back from work, and the weekends I have more uninterrupted time for the most part. I am almost completely done with all of the first coat of khorne red work, which should allow me to finish these last 3 marines this week, hopefully at least by Wednesday so I can start on my scouts.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Escalation League Details

I had a profitable trip to Games Workshop: City Walk in Sandy Springs, GA, yesterday despite the typical Atlanta traffic. I purchased a Space Marine Predator, which is the final model I lacked for my army list. I am still tinkering with my army list a bit for the Escalation League, but I am jumping ahead of myself. Let me first explain the format of this Escalation League which is one of the better ones that I've seen.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Next Tournament Plans

Despite the frustration of missing tourney after tourney, I am setting my sights on another tourney; however, this one should actually be reachable. The Games Workshop in Sandy Springs, GA, which is officially called Games Workshop: City Walk, is having an escalation league that starts on September 5th at 750 pts. With the second full tac squad completed by the end of this week, I will have 470 pts total. That would give me 2 weeks to get 280 pts. My scout squad is 70 pts and my captain is 190 pts which gets me 260 pts. Another option is my 170 pt command squad that I picked up over the weekend. The captain and scouts I could do quicker than the command squad and the captain, but it's hard to say. Either way, that is the deadline I am pushing for now.

I feel that 750 pts is a reachable goal. This week will be key; though, and I have to absolutely finish the last 3 remaining Marines of my tac squad. I don't think the scouts will take very long especially since they don't have power armor, but I have learned with painting that everything takes longer than you think. If all else fails, I know I can do a vehicle in just a few days, so getting the Predator I need is also an option.

Work limits me to only 1-3 hours of painting a day, and so far my models probably take 8-10 hours per model. Under that pace even finishing 3 guys this week will be difficult. Friday night and Saturday will be key in staying on truck.

Don't give up on your projects! It takes time, hard work, and diligence to see an army to completion. But you can do it!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Progress

Despite a fruitful 12 hour painting session on Saturday, I was unable to get a playable army ready for the Escalation League which was disappointing. I am rather frustrated with always feeling like I am behind and missing out on so many tourneys because my army is not finished even though I am painting every day as much as I can. Tac squads especially just take a lot of time. However, the silver lining is that I did make a lot of progress, and my force is nearing completion. Take a look at these most recent pictures!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

WIP Thousand Sons Terminators

I am at my brother's place for the weekend as I mentioned in my last blog post, and I wanted to share one of the projects he has been working on, his Thousand Son terminators. Some of his other minis can be seen here on the Brothers-In-Arms page. He finished a second squad of Rubric Marines and some vehicles which I will put up on that page as well very soon.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tactical Squad Chronos Update and Weekend Plans

Progress so far. Some shoulder pads finished and helmets
A quick progress report on what I've done the last few days. My army is not going to be ready for the escalation league play at Comics Plus unfortunately, but I will bring what units I have done and make it work with that. With my full time job in full swing now, I can only paint for a few hours each day, so the going has been slow. I still think I can finish at least the this tac squad though before Sunday.

I had to switch from spray painting the insignia to
hand painting them. I was having so many problems with the spray paint, mainly from the humidity I believe, I gave it up for hand painting. Citadel's white paint is notoriously bad, but I have gotten better with it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Basing Space Marines

After painting your miniatures, the next best thing you can do is to add something to the base. A well painted mini is great, but an excellent looking base can make a model fantastic and add dynamic scenery or contrasting colors to the paint scheme. Basing is another step and more work at the end of an already long process, but it is well worth your time.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Word About Dark Vengeance

Image courtesy of Games Workshop
New to 40k? The ultimate beginner's guide and set has been offered by Games Workshop as the Dark Vengeance starter box, and it is the steal of the century.

As a beginner it might be hard to see at first why this is such a great deal, especially because DV still costs $110 big ones, but a deeper understanding of all that DV includes and its gaming potential will prove the sets worth. See why it's such a fantastic idea after the jump.

Friday, August 8, 2014

WIP Tactical Squad Chronos #3

The wheel of progress grinds slowly, but it does grind. My new job and the work it entails consume most of my time, but I love my job and painting models has been a good break from the work week. I am inching closer to finishing though! Here's a few pictures of my latest progress.

Friday, August 1, 2014

WIP Tactical Squad Chronos #2

Another busy day at work, but I managed to squeeze a few hours' worth of progress on Tactical Squad Chronos today. Most of it was just working on the arms and weapons of 3 Marines in particular. I am trying to keep up with an assembly line style, so I plan to finish all the arms and weapons before moving on to the next step. More pictures and descriptions after the jump.