Tuesday, July 29, 2014

WIP Tactical Squad Chronos

3 Marines with right arms attached
A quick update on the progress I made today. Just started a new job that I really enjoy, but it does take away from my painting time, so I have slowed down a bit. Here is the end product of about 1 1/2 hours of work, so not too bad. More after the jump.

I decided to paint several right arms all the way through
Getting ready to do bolter work, the middle weapon is a
combi flamer for my Sergeant
7 of the Marines

After a wash of Agrax Earthsahde
the arms are glued on
Some of the bolter work

Tomorrow will be another busy day at work, but I will still be able to make some progress in the evening. I can only do 7 Marines at the moment because I am waiting for the parts for the other 3 to come in. The heavy bolter and las cannon are no longer included in the tactical squad sets, and I am picking the heavy bolter up tomorrow. I will probably get some scouts as well, and once I finish this tac squad I will immediately start into the scouts and my space marine captain. 

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