Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tactical Squad Completed

The day has finally arrived that I have finished the first tactical squad of my army! I am incredibly excited to get this squad done. Although the process took longer than it should have, close to 4 months from start to finish, I just kept plugging away and eventually got here. As you build your own armies never give up! It may take longer than you expected (it almost always does) and you will be frustrated at times, but the only way to get a completed army is to keep on painting.

Here are some pictures of the completed unit. My favorites are the rocket man with his holstered bolt pistol, and the sergeant with his banner. Lots of detail throughout the squad from the metal rivets on the helmets and knee plates, to purity seals, the gold trim on the power packs and skulls, and the drilled out bolters. A great deal of work, but I enjoyed the process, and I am glad to add this tac squad to my army.