Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rocket Man

It's rocket man, no really, not that guy but the rocket man of the tactical squad. He is the last marine I had left to finish, so now my first tactical squad is finally complete! Took me a few months, but the bottom line is that I stuck with it and finished them and you can do the same with your minis. All that is left is to apply the sand to the bases of this mini and the three others in the background of this picture.

I should finish the bases tomorrow and have a full tactical squad showcase post, as well as a new video up on the YouTube channel.

This mini had a lot of unique detail. I wasn't looking forward to the extra steps, but I really enjoyed painting it by the end. I had some problems with the markings on the shoulder pads. I believe the humidity caused the white spray paint to not stick very well. I've never had that problem before.

Rivets on the knees are a little tricky to do, but rivets add so much detail to the model. I was also pleasantly surprised by the new molds. I was wary of the rocket launcher and off hand actually looking legit together, but as you can tell those two pieces look great as if the marine was holding the launcher.

I love this holstered bolt pistol. A personal touch that adds quality.