Friday, July 18, 2014

Rhino Construction: Day 2

I got so much done today! Lots of pictures to share, and it would take forever to narrate all of them, so I might just let the pictures speak for themselves at times. I also put up a video about my progress here. Check it out for a full synopsis.

Started out this afternoon with painting the other side of the hull frames and doors. I wasn't as successful with getting the right mixture. Definitely not an expert with the spray gun yet.

Wet and watery for the most part, but when it dried the paint was still decent with some natural highlighting and shading.

Center control panel that goes inside the transport bay.
Might be hard to see it, but I went all out for detail on this piece so I drilled out the bolter hole.
First coat of red.
Painting the wheels black again. Basically cleaning up the red overspray.

Gluing the treads on. Be careful to get the right tread on the right hull frame. I had the tread on backward so it didn't fit right, and then I had to take it back off and fix it. Didn't take long, but make sure it's the correct one.
A bit easier to work on when the frame stands on its own.

Both hull frames together.
Floorboard attached.

 I painted the metal areas leadbelcher before washing the red.
 Getting ready to paint the hatches.

I had so much fun doing this part. Just got all the random colors I had and painted what I thought would be a good control panel.

 Control panel all set.

Top hull frame attached. I had to force this one down a bit, but it wasn't too bad and actually fit well.

Front armor plate.
Side access doors attached.

Second coat of red for the hatches.
Storm bolter hatch attached and windows painted.
All hatches, doors, and armor plating attached and ready to be washed.

View with the door open.

Rhino is washed! A great final step.
The flash makes the wash look bad, this is not really what it looks like.

I like doing the wash because it adds weathering and blends the paint scheme together. This is the end of my day 2 progress and I was very excited to get done as much as I did. I started the day with some half painted hull frames and access doors and ended with a fully assembled rhino. Probably only an hour or two of detail work left before being fully finished.