Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rhino Construction: Day 1

I have moved right into building the Rhino APC for my Genesis army, mainly because I was tired of painting power armor, and also because I had already purchased the Rhino some time ago and I don't like to leave models sitting around. Whatever you do when you build your own armies, do not impulse buy units. I have to made several paint runs the last week or so, and it's been so tempting to grab the scouts or command squad I need, but I know if I purchase more units they will just add to the stack of uncompleted models I already have. I bought a couple units at the same time for a battle force challenge, which is why I have the back log. Don't let your models pile up. Stick with one unit at a time.

I am really enjoying building the Rhino so far. I made some decent progress for the first day as I'll explain in the pictures below.
Starting out! The three parts trees for the Rhino. I did actually need to look at the directions to make sure I started with the right pieces. Not quite as self explanatory as Space Marines.
First segment of cutting completed, just one of the outside frames of the vehicle with its treads and access door. I really like the way GW does the plastic treads. I built a Korean War tank in high school that had rubber treads, which were very cool but a bear to get on right. These treads will be much easier.

Getting ready to prime these parts with Chaos Black spray paint. I mount the pieces on tape to help hold them in place and to keep them from flat spotting against the cardboard.

 First side painted.

 Close ups of the painted hull frames.

 The treads.
Next, I flipped the parts over and painted the other side. The spray paint dries very fast, so I only waited a few minutes. Check to make sure it is dry just in case, but GW's paint dries quickly.

Don't forget to do the undersides of the treads. Seems like a small thing, but I always paint every inch of the model, not just the parts "people see." Doing this ensures that from every angle the model is painted, which gives it a complete look. No gray plastic should be left at the end.

Second side painted and ready to go.
The other side of the hull and floorboards cut out for priming.

More priming.
All of the primed pieces together.

The upper hull frame and access hatches. I use the Citadel cutting tool in the picture to remove the parts from the tree and it is a good buy. Using dykes keeps the plastic from tearing and showing stress marks.

Top sides primed.
All the priming is completed now.

Gluing the outer hull frame together. They two halves snapped together easily, but I glued them as well. I decided to glue them now, so when I started painting them red the coat would look more unified.
Both outer frames glued together.

Not glued together, but a dry to fit to get an idea of where the project is headed.
The Citadel Spray Gun can be a little quirky, but I managed to get it working (worthy of its own blog post). A tad watery, but I was pleased with how these parts came out. Beats hand painting for sure.

 Second batch to be painted Khorne Red.

Again, the spray gun takes patience, but I was pleased with the results. I will paint the other sides tomorrow.

For starting out with a just some parts' trees, I was glad to get this much done in a single day. I will hopefully finish the second run through of red with the spray gun tomorrow, and then I can start some basic assembly. Just like my Marines, I will wash the Rhino in Agrax Earthshade. I decided to assemble most of the APC before I wash so it looks unified. I can get away with washing in stages on a smaller Marine, but for a big vehicle I don't want to risk it. I will keep you updated on continued progress!