Saturday, July 26, 2014

More Progress

Today's completed bounty
I am very pleased with the amount of work I got done today. Takes a lot of effort, but it's well worth it. Still on pace to finish 6-7 of the Marines by Monday/Tuesday night. I ordered some aquila chest pieces from Box of Bits, so I can only do 7 Marines total right now, but I am getting as much done as I can.

5 legs and torsos painted and washed

A pair of arms and 4 shoulder pads
The arms and torsos took several hours to complete, but I'm glad to have them finished. Tomorrow I can start the detail work on the aquila chest pieces.
Helmets, all I've done is the green on the eyes

Primed all these pieces chaos black
I still have some priming to do, but I have plenty of parts to do for now. I should finish the rest tomorrow.

My plan is to get some of the arms done and glued on tomorrow, as well as start on the bolters and insignia work on the shoulder pads. Only a week ago Monday night I began the tac squad, so I'm making steady progress.