Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Completed Rhino

I finished the Rhino! All told it took about 3 days of work and maybe 12-15 hours total. Not bad for a vehicle, and the process never got too tedious as there wasn't a tremendous load of detail work. Finishing the Rhino brings me to 300 points overall in my Genesis force, so making good progress. I am hoping to finish the tac squad in a week, which is pretty optimistic. Realistically, finishing the tac squad will take a week and a half to two weeks. Getting the Rhino completed in such a short time was a huge step though.
Don't forget to check out the YouTube video featuring the Rhino here!

For starters, this was the top access door that I decided to paint the Genesis insignia on. I wanted to do a big Genesis symbol on some of my models, and I was looking forward to painting on a flat surface for once.

I mounted the doors on tape to hold them tight together and tapped the triangle on, making sure to center the point over the door split.
Triangle completed.

Also had to do the storm bolter. I drilled out the bolter holes before gluing them together. I could have spray painted them chaos black first, but honestly I just forgot. Don't know what I was thinking because hand painting cost some time.

Window framed painted.

Storm bolter and aquilla primed.
Exhaust/smoke stacks painted black.

Once the triangle was good I dry I prepped the door for the inverted V.

Here's the final outcome with just one step left, adding the tabs to the bottom part of the V.

Imperial aquilla glued on and washed, plus the headlights are painted.
Added the tabs to complete the insignia.

Painted the hinges leadbelcher for the final step.
Storm bolter glued into place.
Enjoy the remaining pictures of the completed Rhino!