Friday, July 25, 2014

Citadel Spray Paint

I have no pictures for this post, nothing to visually show what happened, but I thought this would be useful information to pass along to other hobbyists and gamers. Simply put, Citadel's Chaos Black Spray doesn't work. Well some of the time. And only if you don't know what you're doing. Here's the problem and how I solved it.

The Problem

I had noticed with growing frustration that sometimes the Chaos Black spray wasn't doing what it was best at, priming models black. I would spray the models, and the plastic would turn black and look painted. However, once the paint dried I was left with gray, seemingly unpainted minis. Spots of black here and there but mostly just a light gray, almost a dusty finish and certainly not black.

When I first started building Genesis back in February, I would occasionally have this problem, but it was only when I spray painted in the evening, generally outdoors but under the lights, and it was cooler, so I just thought I should avoid spraying in colder weather, which as summer arrived would not be difficult.

But recently I've been having this problem a lot, but mainly in the evenings, so I began searching the internet, and this is the solution I found.

The Solution

First, humidity is a factor, so painting early in the day or afternoon before the humidity gets bad will help. Second, keep the can of spray paint at room temperature before and after you're painting. Third, and perhaps the most important, is shake the can for several minutes. A can that has been sitting around for awhile (which is possible on the shelves of hobby stores) may have settled, and the paint particles have literally separated, so the color isn't mixing right.

I tried all 3 of these things and the chaos black is back to normal, and the delay problems I had are over. If you have run into these problems, hopefully this will help.