Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why Choose The Genesis Chapter?

Adeptus Astartes

"They are my Space Marines . . . and they shall know no fear."

The champions of mankind. With thundering bolter fire and the growl of mighty war machines midst the boom of powerful heavy weapons, any Space Marine force is nigh invincible on the battlefield. And a well painted force of Space Marines is just as irresistible on the tabletop. A quick reading of the codex; however, reveals dozens of options for colors, insignia and chapter tactics.

With so many choices of paint schemes and army structures, how did I decide upon Genesis as my first Space Marine army?  

First, originality was perhaps the biggest motivator. I wanted a chapter that was unique, not necessarily unheard of, but definitely something off the beaten path. Ultramarines and Blood Angels are heavy favorites, so while they are great looking armies, I see those two chapters all the time. Dark Angels are played often as well, along with most First Founding Astartes chapters.

I liked Genesis because of their proud, special history. They are the Primogenitors, the first born, hailing from the first creation of new Space Marine chapters at the Second Founding. The original members of Genesis were veteran Ultramarines that had endured the upheaval of the Horus Heresy. Soon after their founding, Genesis claimed the planet Newfound as their home, which lies close to the realm of Ultramar, after a fierce battle with the hated Word Bearers. 

Like their forefathers, the Ultramarines, Genesis reveres their primarch Roboute Gulliman. The Codex is followed without question and is seen as the literal application of Gulliman's wisdom. Because of Genesis's early founding, they have close to ten thousand years of combat history and tradition, which was something I wanted over a relatively new chapter.

Second, I really liked their paint scheme. A deep red with gold trim looks stunning in my opinion when done right, so I wanted to try my hand at Genesis. Also for my first army I wanted a somewhat simple scheme without lots of layers, shades and complicated mixing of paint. Getting burned out because of a difficult paint scheme is all too common among gamers, hence the large number of unpainted armies at hobby stores on the weekends. The scheme isn't too ambitious for my skill level either, so I wasn't straining for expert techniques when I was just starting out.

My goal is to build a 1,000 point army for now and detail the process on this blog. I will post my paint list as well and include pictures as I finish units. If you're new to tabletop gaming or just looking for a new army, consider Genesis Chapter! And whatever army you decide to build, never give up and just keep painting!