Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tac Squad Update

Greetings! I've been making some progress on the remaining Marines in the tactical squad. It's been slow going as the detail work doesn't go quickly, but it's worth it to get a nice looking mini. This is a look at the progress I have made so far on the remaining minis. I plan to eventually, hopefully in the near future, do a full post and video that will detail the actual construction and painting of a Genesis Marine.

Here's a look at my work station. I build and paint my models in sequences, which is not the normal way that most gamers and GW build their models. I find that this process is easier for me to get the detail I want with less stress. I am working on the two Marines that are mounted on the can lids.

This is a model that has been washed in Agrax Earthshade, the aquilla painted in Gehenna's Gold then washed in Seraphim Sepia, which is a brown wash. The wash on the aquilla brings out the individual feathers so it's not just a gold mass on the front of the armor. By leaving the arms and bolter off, the torso is so much easier to paint.
Here are a set of legs after the second coat of Khorne red before the Agrax wash. You might be able to see the difference in the color tone with the washed legs, but it can be difficult to notice with just these pictures. The difference is much more obvious with the naked eye.

Before gluing the torso on to the waist, I sand down some contact points for the glue. This will allow for a better connection and hopefully add to the model's durability.

 Different stages of production. The left arm goes on first, then I attach the bolter and right arm last, as you will see in later posts.
 A great way to do detail work on the bolters.
Progress on the helmets. This is before I washed the helmets.

Second torso constructed, aqullia painted and washed.