Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sergeant Octavius

His power sword gleams in the sunlight as he comes to earth with the crunch of splintering rock. The engines of his jump pack slow to idle, but still brush away the sand around his feet.

He is Sergeant Octavius. And you are in his way.

Well hopefully you are not, but with his grim demeanor it's hard to tell if he tolerates your presence. If you are a servant of the Emperor; however, you may find mercy.

The Sergeant was the first model that I actually completed. I was able to pack him with detail, from the codex approved blue helmet to the script on the purity seals on his shield.

Genesis always follows their parent chapter, the Ultramarines, in their armor designations. Ultramarines have blue armor, so their sergeants traditionally (by direct order of Gulliman) wear red helmets as a sign of rank. Because Genesis has red armor to begin with, they have their sergeants wear blue helms.

For Sergeant Octavius, I primed his helmet with Chaos Black spray paint, just like I would the other models. Next, I painted his eyes Evil Sunz Scarlet, which is a reddish-orange color. I found it is easier to paint the eyes first, and then paint around them instead of trying to not get the eye color on the blue. After the eyes I did two coats of Altdorf Guard Blue. I washed the helmet with Drakenhof Nightshade, which is a blue wash. If you wanted to do a black wash, that would be fine as well, but I felt a blue wash would blend better with the blue paint. The final step was the detail work with Leadbelcher on the metal areas.

I've talked before about making the Genesis insignia, I will have another post about just doing the shoulder pads later. The shield was completed the same way as the armor, and I washed the aquilla with Seraphim Sepia to bring out the individual feathers, which is important to the overall look of the mini. The purity seals are Altdorf Guard Blue with the same Nightshade wash, and the parchment is Ushabti Bone with the same Seraphim Sepia wash as the aquilla. I added the script with a ball point pen, which I do not recommend, and actually advise against. I have a much better fine point pen that I use now. Doing the script though is a great way to add detail and make your models stand out.

Everything else is just like the rest of the Assault Squad from my other post, where I describe in more detail the paint scheme. I love this model, and he is one of my favorites. Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think!